Sharm el-Sheikh is an Egyptian resort town between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. It’s known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. Naama Bay, with a palm tree-lined promenade, is filled with bars and restaurants. Ras Muhammad National Park is a major diving destination, with marine life around the Shark and Yolanda reefs and the Thistlegorm wreck.

Up until 1968, Sharm el-Sheikh was nothing more than a quiet fishing community. But in recent years, it has become one of Egypt‘s most popular beach resorts, with tourists coming from all parts of the world. Hot in the summer, while pleasant and warm in the winter, Sharm remains the leading tourist sport in the Sinai Peninsula.

The following are the activities you will enjoy in Sharm El Sheikh


    Sharm El Sheikh also is a favourite spot for scuba divers from around the world. Being situated near the Red Sea, it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm water, making this an ideal place to dive. Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh can experience a variety of water activities. Beach seekers find many activities such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing.

  1. Visit to Ras Mohamed National Parkmi2It comprises the two islands, Tiran and Sanafir. The park’s area covers 480 kilometers of pristine shoreline and boasts exceptional coral reef. These are recognized among the world’s best, shore line, in addition to an inland area that includes a diversity of mountains, valleys, and sand dunes. Ras Mohammed is literary translated into Mohammed’s Head. In which Mohammed refers to the prophet (PBUH) and head refers to land. It was inaugurated in 1983 by the Egyptian environment affairs agency, as a marine reservation to protect this unique complex that houses thousands of aquatic species and a diversity of wildlife, including gazelles and desert foxes.
  1. The Heavenly Cathedralmi3Marvel at St. John’s vision of The Apocalypse at The Heavenly Cathedral, a Coptic cathedral perched on a hilltop. Built in 2010, the tall twin rectangular towers of the cathedral dominate the skyline with elegant architecture. The church features elaborately painted ceiling and walls, lavishly illustrated with stories from the Bible and the lives of the saints. It took a team of 19 people two years to paint these frescoes and murals. The site also showcases tall stained-glass windows.


  1. The Old Marketmi4The Old Town, popularly known as the Old Market is a culturally rich and bustling place, full of colour, sounds and scents. Extremely popular with locals, this is a great place to go shopping and soak in the atmosphere. Sharm’s most famous items are herbs and spices, and the Old Market has oodles of them!
  1. Dolphin Showmi5Head to the Dolphin show and enjoy one of the best marine experiences in town, where you can play and swim with three friendly dolphins, enjoying their company and experiencing the unforgettable feeling of coming closer to nature.


  1. Alexandro Cafémi6The cherry on top of your experience in Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly to be found at Alexandro’s, a traditional shisha bar that’s known as one of the best in the city. Sharm el Sheikh has a variety of bars, but many feel the service and quality of shisha flavors offered at Alexandro’s far outweigh all of the others in the resort. So, take your shoes off, lay back on the floor cushions, pick your flavor shisha and enjoy for as long as you wish.
  1. Star Gazer Nightmi7You can’t leave Sharm el-Sheikh without having at least once experienced star gazing night excursion. This is set to be a fabulous evening of entertainment, fun for all ages, young or old. You will head out to the desert, where you’ll experience traditional Bedouin hospitality and the evening begins with an Egyptian feast in a candlelit tent.
  2. 1000 Nights Showmi9The show begins by featuring the wonders of Egypt including the sphinx and some temples in Luxor and Aswan and explaining a little bit about the history. There are lights and dancing and even some horse riding with tricks, and also fountain show with nice music.

    After this initial show you will move to the center of Fantasia where another show will start. This will include Egyptian dancing, belly dancing, Bedouin dancing and a Tannura show.



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