Singapore is a land of celebration and happiness. It is the perfect destination to enjoy Christmas in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore Often called the Lion City, is one of the top tourist destinations and you can literally do anything from mega shopping to visiting world-class zoos, enjoying delicious multicultural food to thrilling amusement parks. Being an island country, the weather in Singapore is moderate all year round. However, there is definitely something special about visiting Singapore in December. The weather in December tends to be comparatively cooler and less humid and the Christmas vibe adds to the beauty of the place.


  1. The Singapore Botanic Garden:

This is the most beautiful tourist attraction all year round. It is the best place to visit in Singapore during Christmas. In the holiday week, the path from the Tanglin Core to the Bandstand will be lined with 200 tropical “Christmas” trees, each tree uniquely decorated.

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  1. Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay is a popular Christmas attraction in Singapore to experience Christmas. Sometime, the garden is considered equivalent or more than Botanic Garden of Singapore.

This is a truly a stunning location that must not be missed while in Singapore! The Cloud Forest showcases plant life in the tropical highlands. Featuring a 35-meter tall mountain covered with vegetation, that shrouds the world’s tallest indoor waterfall! You can take a lift up to the mountaintop, explore the one-of-a-kind biodiversity and the geology maintained here. At the Flower Dome, you can enjoy a lovely walk in the temperature-controlled dome, as you marvel at the changing display of plants and flowers from Mediterranean regions. Witness a truly unique sight of vertical gardens, at the Supertree Groove, measuring between 25-50 meters, designed with large canopies that provide respite from the sun in the day, and at night come alive in a stunning light and sound show!

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  1. Singapore China Town

If you’ve ever visited China, Singapore’s Chinatown neighbourhood will bring you right back there. From the small mom-and-pop stores and authentic Chinese food to the bright red lanterns, there’s an excitement and hustle in this district and all these experiences will lighten up your Christmas vacation to Singapore.


  1. The Changi Airport:

This is the finest airport in the world and they are not behind in the celebration of Christmas. Each year, they prepare a SpongeBob’s Pineapple House and other wonderful and admiring decoration in the airport.

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  1. Orchard Road:

This is the most popular area in Singapore for the Christmas festival. It is considered as one of the best places to visit in Singapore during Christmas for shopping. There is a spectacular street-length light show from Tanglin to Concorde Hotel. Generally, it starts in November each year and shuts down in January. You should not miss a chance to visit the light-up on Orchard Road.

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  1. Shopping Malls in Singapore:

In Singapore, most of the shopping malls in the city of Singapore decorate themselves like a bride. They also offer huge discount in the week of Christmas. So, do not forget to buy your favourite items from the shopping malls in Singapore. In most of Singapore shopping malls, they organize promotional events as well as special party for their customers.

So, try not to miss out!

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  1. Singapore Snow City:

This is the first permanent indoor snow centre and a family-centric attraction centre which receives an average patronage of about 250,000 visitors from around the world. And it’s a snow chamber that delivers snow experience all year round and it create not only fun but also enriches educational programmes and in summary it’s a loving and a wonderful tourist attraction for Christmas.

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