6 reasons why you need an occasional weekend getaway


No matter how much we love our jobs and how satisfying the returns may be, everyone tends to get stuck in a rut once in a while. Seeing the same faces, mulling over the same reports and numbers, eating Shawarma at 4 pm sharp, it tends to get a bit too much after a point. Your nerves are stretched, your brain seems to hurt, and you end up snapping at the tiny T-rex jumping around on Google Chrome.

It’s called being stuck in a professional limbo, and it happens to the best of us. This is your body, mind and soul’s way of reaching out to you to tell you, stop blowing up money on weekend visits to the end of town and save up to take a real break – a weekend getaway.

The beauty of living in a country as massive and diverse as Nigeria is that you get to pick from a variety of places – Parks, beaches, and Tourist Centres, we have it all. In all probability, you’ll have one or more of these centers to escape to for a weekend, be it beach-grooving in Lagos, or rediscovering art and history in Museums. So set out and live an adventure!



Since all businesses have now hop, skipped and jumped to the digital world, take your much-needed break from it. In all practicality, it’s near impossible to switch off from the world completely, considering the need for GPS and work emails and Zomato, but tune off now and then. Don’t be sitting on a beach in Lekki and start Facebooking or WhatsApping your colleagues about next week’s projects. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Till then, ignore it.

Discovering something new

You may be learning on the job, but all you’re doing is polishing up your professional skills. Human beings should never stop learning, much like they don’t stop growing biologically. Take a weekend away from your desks, reports and Excel sheets to discover something new about YOU. Maybe you really do like sea-food, maybe you can make a good swimmer and maybe you do have enough stamina to climb mountains. It’s all about you and no one else. Don’t compromise on this.


Recharging those old batteries

Working a fixed schedule may induce stability, but too much of rigidity can make you lax about your job. And that’s the scary part – once you become too comfortable and you don’t have to deal with new challenges, the quality of your work could get adversely affected. Taking a breather away from your everyday surroundings will definitely recharge your creative batteries and help you come out bigger and better.

Make some friends

Much like your candid daily work environment, the people you’re with round the clock can, in all politeness, drive you a bit crazy. Be it your family, your best friends or your roommates, sometimes you just need a break from being around them constantly to avoid things getting a wee bit strained. A weekend getaway gives you a two-day break and a chance to meet some new, interesting people. You don’t have to meet them again, you don’t even have to add them on Facebook. It’s just nice to tell your story to someone who doesn’t have it mugged up already.


What else are you earning for?

You’ll always hear people talk about savings, fixed deposits, and investments, once they receive that check at the end of the month. But whatever happened to earning for yourself? Save till you can buy everything you need. But once in a while, give yourself a little break. Take a bit out of that month’s check and drive out solo. Run to the hills, dive in the sea, bungee jump off a cliff, meditate in the forest shade; but do it for yourself. What else are you slugging it out for, anyway?

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags and go for it!

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